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The Marriage ABCs – J for JOY!

The wedding day is rightfully a most joyous day, as a community of friends and family come together to celebrate the sacred union of two of their own, in love and in marriage.  At that time, the great potential of marriage is celebrated, as the two lovebirds are sent on the voyage of love in the ocean called “Marriage”.  Their hearts are filled with joy and hope and faith and love…  With the greatness of their love, they believe that they can conquer any obstacles that may come their way, and they are eager to start on their adventure!

Sadly, this feeling of joy, hope, faith and love seems to die down as they progress along the ocean of marriage.  As they face the rough seas and cold nights…their love and faith are tested…and their joy meets frustration, and hope meets depression.  They begin to wonder if they have what it takes after all…  They wonder if their wedding day would be the height of their joy…or if in fact such joy can be relived and even surpassed in their marriage.

The truth is that our joy in any endeavour in this life is not tied to the endeavour itself…

Read more at https://blog.ufuomaee.org/the-marriage-abcs-j

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