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The Marriage ABCs – L for L.O.V.E

Love.  How can you have a discussion about marriage and not talk about love?  It’s impossible.  There is also that issue of what definition of love…  What type/s of love is/are needed to make a marriage beautiful and successful?

We have talked much about love, so far.  We have discussed various attributes of love, shown in selflessness, service, honesty and affection.  So far, I have presented a definition of love based on Christianity, which sees love as an act of the will, more than a feeling.  The greatest example we have for love is God Himself, and Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross represents this great love God has for Mankind.  We have seen that this is the type of love that ensures for a blessed, beautiful and successful marriage.

But is the emotional component of love irrelevant?  Most of the time, when people talk of love and think about love, they are talking about an emotional state of being.  Loving music, for example, is not an act of the will.  Loving ice-cream has nothing to do with choosing to be loving towards ice-cream!  We just go “oooh, ahhh” whenever we see ice cream…

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  1. I always enjoy reading your Marriage ABCs series. It a tool I’m using for preparation. I wanted to tell you, as I read about the greek definitions of love, I immediately thought of all definitions combined being the ultimate unconditional love for a spouse. I feel marriages would benefit from having all loves combined. The friendship, sister/brotherly, and child like love factor in when we give that space for alone time and respect, protect, and do our best to be mindful of our spouse’s inner child. That’s a huge one I feel people often times neglect to acknowledge but we all still have our inner child within is.

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