Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Are You In It For Eternal Life?

Apparently, Christians only worship God because there is something in it for us…particularly the eternal life that Jesus died so we could have.

I thought I would ask you why you decided to believe and submit to God, through Jesus?  Was eternal life really the selling point?

I shared my views in my response to Jenny’s post – What if I’m wrong?

Your main theme here is that we believe because there is something in it for us. I have to ask myself why I believe…

You know, I am not too big on this ‘life’ thing we have going here!!! Everyone goes on about how life is a gift. I keep wondering when someone gave me the option to choose to be alive or not. I mean, I had no say in who my parents were, where I was born, and on so many things while I was a child. But as an adult, everyday, I choose to be alive. I have this instinct to survive and want to survive…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/are-you-in-it-for-eternal-life/

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