Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: I AM HUMAN

I can’t remember my first thought, my first desire nor my first wish…
I don’t know what provoked my first cry, my first smile nor my first laugh…
But before I uttered my first words,
I knew I was special, made for a purpose.
I had dreams, held aspirations and imagined destinies…

My first idea must have been ridiculous
Simple, idealistic, unlearned and flawed…
For when I knew so little, I thought I knew much.
My vision was composed of my limited perceptions.
Understood in the vanity of my shallow knowledge.
Wisdom was as foreign a concept as maturity…

Emotion was my first counselor.
It sided with me on every issue.
Never did it judge me.
It affirmed my humanity.
My righteousness and my worthiness.
Emotion was a friend long before reason could be found…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/i-am-human/

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