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Ten Instances When ‘Yes’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Yes’…

It is a shame that we live in a world plagued with people with good intentions.  Sometimes, we think they are better than those with bad intentions, but there is a reason for the saying…”the road to hell is paved with good intentions“.  I’ve come to notice some of the instances when people who mean well should not be trusted, or taken with a pinch of skepticism.  Here are ten:

  1. Yes, I will always love you“.  It easy to declare eternal love to somebody else, but humanly impossible to do what love commands (e.g endure all things, hope all things, believe all things – 1 Cor 13:7).  Truth is, there are always things competing for our love, and well, even if we technically always love the person we profess to love, that love may suffer lows as well as highs.  God’s love is the only one that is constant.  It takes God to love, which is why “so help me God” is added when saying marriage vows.
  2. Yes, you can count on me“.  Many people profess to be realiable… Everyone thinks they are trustworthy or dependable.  Best friends are made for such times… but humans are only reliable in their ability to disappoint.  Again, it is only God who should be taken at His word.
  3. Yes, I will never forget you“.  Sorry, whoever said this to you is a liar.  Or at least, feeling very romantic at the moment.  As soon as some drama arises in their life, the memory of you will fade as they have to deal with their present circumstances.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s just that you are not the centre of their universe, they are.
  4.  “Yes, I believe you“.  Believing is not so much a choice as it is a reality.  When you believe someone or something, your conduct changes based on that belief/realisation.  Many times when people claim to believe something, they are using mental effort to make something agree that they are still unsure is true…  And those who ‘believe’ like that never really believe…and their actions soon reveal their unbelief.
  5. Yes, I will donate to your charity“.  Now, this is a personal one.  I’m adding it because it is something I have heard everywhere and from every kind of person.  They mean to.  They plan to.  They want to.  But somehow, they never get around to it.  Other things takes priority, and they forget about the promise they made, at a time when they felt guilty about not doing more for those less fortunate in the world.
  6. Yes, I’m fine“. This answer is often given in response to the question “are you okay?”  It is taken as acceptable by those who ask, because often, they don’t really care for the truth, and the person answering knows that.  However, if we are sensitive to other modes of communication (as verbal is only one), we will know when to dig deeper, if we truly care to know if someone is okay.
  7. Yes, I will never hurt you“. Okay, everyone should know that’s impossible.  Hurt is not always intentional, and often it is because of what we failed to realise that we needed to do.  Since we are not God, and since we still make mistakes, no doubt, we will hurt those we do not intend to hurt, even if we love them madly.
  8. Yes, I will do anything for you.”  Somebody call b******t!  There’s always a but!  Many think they will die for someone else… maybe… but there are somethings that they would rather die first than do for the one they love…  And if you really love someone, there are somethings you just SHOULDN’T do for them!  God doesn’t even make this promise because it is stupid.
  9. Yes, I wish I could help!”  Just shut up!  Pleaaasee!  Why can’t you help?  You don’t have to do everything…just do something for goodness sake!!!  If you really want to help, or wish to help, you would be able to think of something that you can do to help.
  10. Yes, I will never lie to you“.  Uh, you just did!  Enough said.

I think we can all do more to say what we mean and mean what we say.  Many thanks to Martin Okolo for helping me think through the last five instances to help make ten!  Please do share more instances with me in the comments section and if you disagree…do also feel free to let me know 🙂

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  1. “Yes, I’ll be there for you”.
    It appears that those who profess these promises are always the ones who end up NOT keeping them. That is why we should always put our trust in God rather than men.

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