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I’m An Introvert Too!

“I’m an introvert. I don’t talk much. As long as I can remember I have never talked that much. I think there are many things that have lead to this. I don’t like the sound of my voice. I remember being in a group of friends and telling a joke and no one laughed, then 5 minutes later someone else would say the same joke and everyone would laugh. I remember as I became older talking to a group of people and talking about a tragic world event and getting the response “yeah that was bad”. Then 30 minutes later a new person would enter the group and talk about the same subject and now it turns into an hour debate. Maybe I just don’t think I have anything important to say. So I learned to be quiet” (excerpt from “I’m an Introvert” by Robert Hansen)

I could have written this! Word for word, every word. It’s hard to come out of your shell once you go in and realise the comfort and safety there from rejection, put downs and strange looks. I was told I asked stupid questions. That I make silly and ignorant comments. Sometimes I’m too slow in following their conversation and they tire easily in trying to include me, trying to understand me and trying to appreciate me. I’m weird, eccentric, naive or plain dumb, they think and sometimes say. It took me a while to appreciate all that I am and call it unique and beautiful. I found my voice in writing. I discovered without their help and permission that I am witty and fun, smart and insightful. And discovering others who share an understanding of my experience is like…AMAZING.

Thanks for sharing Robert 🙂

If you’re an introvert too, or you can relate to some of mine and Robert’s experience, I would love to hear from you too…

Christian Love, Ufuomaee.

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  1. That used to be me! Until recently. I got I involved in things that required the use of my voice. I marvelled at my own voice. Really didn’t think I could. And I realised those moments when I spoke listeners where blessed. So I used my voice more. However, I think I’ll choose writing over speaking for expression! Background performance can be so comforting 😉

    God bless you for this piece, Sis! ❤

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    • Thanks Yeside 🙂 I’m glad you found your voice to speak for things you’re passionate about. I can speak about things am passionate about, but I still have little to contribute in discussions about current affairs. I tend to just listen and muse over it…and then draw spiritual lessons which I write about.

      There is a gift in speaking up as much as in writing 🙂


  2. Lol. Introverts have the most powerful minds! And I can relate to this, especially about the part of telling a joke and no one laughs…

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  3. I can totally relate! An introvert to the core…but as I grow in Christ, I realize he has given me a voice and is demanding that I use it. It’s definitely not my comfort zone though, which is why I’ll always need the Helper, the Holy Spirit, living in my head and staying hidden is still my haven.

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  4. I am an introvert and I write too. God brought situations into my life that made me learn to talk, socialise you know. Sometimes it still feels like a chore, meeting people, having to initiate conversation, being nice, when all I want to do is go somewhere by myself to read, write, listen to music, think or even sleep. People close to me understand, but others just think I m unfriendly bla bla bla. Introvert is cool, that way I don’t have to wonder what I’d said to offend someone.

    I just discovered your blog via tnc. God bless you.

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  5. While I don’t feel invisible around people, I am an introvert, and I know it. My wife is one too. We approach it in different ways. She likes to linger around people after an occasion, but say very little. I say a lot when I’m there, but just can’t get away fast enough. Interesting people us introverts.

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    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      I don’t like to linger, and when I’m made to by virtue of my extrovert hubby, I can’t get away fast enough. I can keep a convo going, but it’s hard work and it won’t be long before I ask them if they read blogs (that’s if they insist on small talk). LOL!

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  6. I’m one too! And that’s why I can’t really boast of having ‘a few’ close friends cos I believe most people do not understand my kind of person. I find it hard to converse when I’m around people (my classmates used to think I’m rude) but I relate well on social media (lol
    ). I’ve come to love myself, I do not write but I love reading & that’s why I never get bored when I’m alone with a book, my phone (with enough data to read through all the blogs & pages I follow, yours inclusive) or a nice movie.
    I love being an introvert!

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