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Three Questions on Biblical Inerrancy

This post was taken entirely from a comment I made on The Naked Convos, in defense of my post The Classic Conversion Mistake, which was republished and renamed The Gospel Truth.  I think these are good questions that all true Biblical inerranists need to contemplate and find answers to.

I want to ask you some questions too.  The first and most obvious question for me is: “Why the need for infallibility?” By that, I am asking, why do you or anyone need to believe that the Bible is infallible in order to receive its account by faith and trust it? Your parents, teachers or doctors do not claim infallibility – but in their areas of responsibility over you, they claim to be trustworthy, authouritative and profitable! The Bible doesn’t demand more than this.

Now, Paul said concerning the Jewish Scriptures (as you will remember that there were no other acceptable Scriptures that Paul could have been talking about) as being “given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16). Paul did not once say that the Scriptures are without error! Neither did Jesus or any other gospel writer. Here is a quote from my long post on the matter of Scripture being inviolable:

“I’ve also contemplated on Jesus’s statement that “scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35). I understand that to mean that once bound, scripture cannot be loosed; its authourity is honored also in Heaven. We are taught in scripture that our words have power (Pro 18:21) and we must be careful what we say, because Jesus said we will give an account of every careless word (Matt 12:36-37).”

Neither did Paul or Jesus or anybody else claim that the Scriptures were finite or complete in anyway. If they had attested to the completeness of Scripture within the accounts of the Bible, then they would have exempted their own words from being canonised as Scripture in the Bible, because ALL references to Scripture in the Bible was concerning the Jewish Scriptures only.

So, my second question to you is “How would you determine or prove infallibility?”. For an infallible claim to take hold, you must be able to prove that there isn’t a single error in the whole of Scripture. It isn’t simply about being able to explain every contentious or contradictory statement, or throwing it into the “God alone knows” or “the Spirit will reveal the truth to you” pile, when you are faced with real discrepancies in the Bible. However, the Church thought it would be sufficient to stick a label of inerrancy on Scripture to end all arguments…but it has only made those who are desperately seeking answers to reject the Bible as a pack of lies!

I don’t reject the Bible as a pack of lies. I don’t need the Bible to be infallible, and I actually see the flaws in it as testimony of its authenticity! The power of God in using a diverse number of witnesses and writers to bring the Book together is more evident. If it was flawless, read the same way throughout, I might actually suspect foul-play. That perhaps one person or a group of people connived to bring it about.

In case you are wondering what errors or inconsistencies I may be referring to, let us consider when Christ was risen. There are two different testimonies on this… One is “on the third day”, and another is “after three days”. You can see that after three days is actually going to be on the fourth day. Another discrepancy that someone brought my attention to, through his post, just yesterday, is that of Jesus’ robe – what colour was it? You can read the post here: https://jamesbishopblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/jesus-robe-disproves-classical-biblical-inerrancy/. As you can imagine, there are a few others, that looking for such inconsistencies in the Bible has become a sport for Atheists! It is better not to put such a burden on the Bible, that can only be laid on God.

My third question is, “Do you really believe the Bible?” If you really believe the Bible, then you will read it as one who does believe that it is an authentic literature written to edify the true believers in God and His Christ! You will also believe it when it says that Jesus is in fact The Word of God. And when you read the record, that God said concerning Jesus, “this is My beloved Son with Whom I am well-pleased, hear Him”, you would turn to Jesus for the words of life!!! When you turn to Jesus for the words of life, you will receive wisdom that is greater than Solomon (Matt 12:42)! And if you truly believe in Jesus, and obey Him, you will receive the indwelling Holy Spirit as promised…who Jesus has told us to trust Him to lead us into ALL TRUTH, because He is the Spirit of Truth.

It is for a lack of genuine faith and belief in the Bible, that Christians today rely on the letter and not the Spirit! They did not truly believe that God’s Spirit of Truth could lead them into all truth. So what did they do? They sealed off the Scriptures to that of the accounts contained in the Bible, and declared that GOD HAS STOPPED SPEAKING! Now, you can no longer be led by the Spirit of Truth into all truth. If it’s not in the Bible, then it’s not God speaking! Yet, the Bible itself testifies that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and they will prophesy! Do you think they will be reciting old prophecies from the Bible? Will the Spirit of God not give them old things as well as new (Matt 13:52)?”

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