Issues of Life

The Wisdom of Grace and Truth

The Law of the Lord is flawless;
The Sabbath shall be hallowed as holy.
The marriage bed is sacred and covenant inviolable;
But Wisdom is the principle thing.
In all things, may God be glorified…
Grace and Truth has revealed to us
That the Sabbath was made for Man,
Not Man for the Sabbath…
Marriage was made for Man,
not Man for marriage…
The Law was made for Man,
Not Man for the Law…
But Man was made for God,
Not God for Man…
You have been bought at a price;
So do not again render yourself to bondage.
Walk in love and liberty,
Preach the good news,
And set the captives free…
To worship the One True God
In Spirit and in Truth.
That in knowing Him and His Christ,
All may have eternal life…

Copyright © Ufuomaee

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