Confessions Of An Ex-'Jesus Christian'

Confessions of an ex-‘Jesus Christian’ (4)

4. Do this in remembrance of Me (Luke 22:19).

The Holy Communion that Christ instituted, which the whole Christian world accepts is a hard teaching for the Jesus Christians to accept.  They never could get around how Jesus would institute a ritual into the lives of His followers, when He had come hard against other ritualistic behaviours, like repetitive prayers and done away with sacrifices and other religious practices commanded in the Law.  Rather than observe any ordinance, they had their own translation of this teaching or instruction from Jesus.  It went:

“Whenever you come together to have your meals within your communes, remember Me”.

So, they never actually observed anything that would be considered a ‘communion’.  They believed that since they lived communally, and ate and drank together everyday, that they were following this teaching of Christ.  Regardless of whether or not they actually ate and drank reverently, or took a moment to acknowledge the grace they enjoyed because of His sacrifice.

I never really knew where to stand on this issue.  I accepted their understanding, because I also thought it seemed a bit Old Testament of Jesus.  It didn’t gel with the other things I knew about the New Covenant.  However, when I attended a Church…


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