Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: What The Lord Is Doing In Me…

This is a follow up post to my post on Friday, under Reader Questions, where I addressed the question “what has God done today more than yesterday?“, which was posed by an Atheist.  I invited others to share their testimonies of what God has been doing in their lives, and I would like to share mine too.

My desire for God has been for Him to draw me closer to Him, to grow in wisdom and understanding of His ways, and to make my life bring glory to Him.  Other people may have other desires or pressing needs.  Maybe for health or for finance or for success or for knowledge of their purpose.  What I have mentioned has been my longing for a very long time.  Partly because I know that when I have God, I have everything else, and so my desire is for more of Him.

God has blessed me in this regard, and I can see how He is using me, particularly through this blog.  I am growing in wisdom and understanding of His ways, and recently some ideas I have held strongly have been shaken.  I thought I was so close to Him one day, and…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/what-the-lord-is-doing-in-me

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