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The Spotlight: A Review Of “Accidentally Knocked Up” By The Fertile Chick

Hey you guys!  I’m back on The Spotlight with another Book Review.  I hope you enjoyed the last one I did on Abimbola Dare’s new release 🙂  This story also happens to be about an accident.  Ummm…

Alright, so my Author today is a brand name, The Fertile Chick, and not any particular person.  I did get a hold of the lady responsible for penning down this story, but she kept emphasising how they wish to be known as a brand, as they share their inspiring messages and stories about fertility.  So, what or who is The Fertile Chick?

The Fertile Chick is a Fertility Community comprising of women, who write and share their stories, experiences, knowledge and counsel to educate and inspire others on their fertility journey.  In their own words, they are “a down-to-earth arena to discuss all things fertility..and baby…specifically for us here in the beautiful country of Naija! It’s a place where all issues related to conception, and the inability to, are discussed in a simple, no-medical-jargon-mumbo-jumbo manner“.  Visit their blog to learn more about them and read more stories by them:

I came across their story on Okadabooks.  Two things got my attention, the title – “Accidentally Knocked Up” and their brand name – The Fertile Chick.  However, nothing about those two names suggested that the story would be remotely Christian.  In fact, I was prepared for the worst.  It certainly helped that the book was very affordably priced, which meant that I could take a gamble and read it.  They also gave several chapters of the book free, so you only paid to read the beginning and the conclusion.

I honestly did not know what to expect with this, but I was captivated from the beginning.  This section of the book had just two chapters and was N150.   In a way, I was tricked by this.  When I read a few other short sections of the book, I was sure the story wouldn’t be long.  I thought it was a story I’d finish in a day.  It was deceptively alluring, and the sections became longer.  And I just couldn’t wait to finish the story, even though I was thoroughly enjoying myself reading it.   I even lost sleep – and tears – over it!

When I finally got to the concluding section, I was like “WHAT???!!”  It was equivalent in size to all the other chapters previously read, and then some, and could easily be another book in itself.  Here I was thinking, just one more lap to go, and I had to prepare my mind for more mind-boggling, heart-wrenching reading.  However, after the initial “too much suspense” heart attack wore off, I was very happy to have a whole lot more to read about this very interesting woman, with the unbelievable luck and misfortune in her love life!  I tucked in and finished the ride.

Okay…  In case you haven’t figured that out yet, it was AMAZING!!!  Immediately after reading the story (well, even while reading I soooo wanted to Instagram the story, but I had to wait to make sure that the end didn’t trash the whole story), I had to post up something on Instagram to capture my joy at reading this book.  It was indeed the best and most entertaining book I have read this year!  I didn’t expect it to be, and I don’t think the writer even tried to be.  It was just so easily, naturally written, so real and relatable, so emotional and deep and so true, that you just can’t help but saw WOW when you’re done!

The Fertile Chick told a story about Ose, from the first person perspective.  It was a diary of sorts, capturing her shock at getting pregnant by accident, for the last person in the world she wanted to be shackled with.  Ose tells her story from the beginning, when she too was an accident to her parents, and how that had caused such a mess in her early years, with rejection from both sides!  It was a heart breaking story with lots of lessons throughout.

It was also a very detailed story, that you can’t but believe that this is a true story!  It was told as a matter-of-fact, and not with any obvious agenda to teach any lessons, but of course, they were all over the story, because there’s nothing as effective as experience to teach.  It wasn’t a Christian book in this sense.  She made mistakes, and lived with and loved people who also made mistakes.  However, I liked how God was not only acknowledged but honoured in this story.

I had actually expected it to be explicit in parts, but was pleasantly surprised to see that even when she could have gone into detail, Ose did not.  There was no need.  There was no agenda.  It was truly just a story for the heart, such that you will find yourself questioning some of your values and decisions, and even reliving your experiences.  I was emotionally invested in the story, and it wasn’t easy to know how it would end.  For the last quarter of “The Conclusion”, which was like five or six chapters, I was tearful!  I was up at the early hours, losing sleep and crying, because it was just so emotional and I just had to know how it all ended.

My critique.  There were a few minor editorial errors, which another read through would resolve.  Also, this doesn’t take away from the story, but I would have preferred to see more into Ose’s relationship with God, beyond going to Church and praying.  The strongest character spiritually in the story was a man, Chuba, who had made a decision to abstain from sex before marriage, after making a commitment to God.  Yet, there wasn’t a sense that he truly understood holiness and sexual purity, and readers may conclude the story thinking that abstinence is simply about not having sex.  However, if it was indeed a true story, such needn’t be amended to ‘teach a lesson’.  It was inspiring as it was.

I applaud the writer and The Fertile Chick for a job well done.  It was an amazing read, and I know I’ll be reading it again.  I look forward to reading more from you.

You can read this story on their blog or from  Please support their talent and pay for the concluding part!  It is only N300 and well worth it.

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