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Editor’s Pick: Why It Is Not A “Safe Bet” To Believe In God

I was directed to read this post written by an Atheist, who debunked the premise of Pascal’s wager, during a debate an a post about my post about whether God is easily offended.  Pascal’s wager is often posed by Christians trying to defend their right to their Faith from unbelievers.  It says simply that if God doesn’t exist, the Believer loses nothing, but if God exists, the unbeliever will suffer loss.

It is a good article for every Believer to read, especially those who are into apologetics, so they can better understand the atheistic perspective.  I think my response to the authour, copied below, captures the problem Christians have with Atheists, which resort to them using Pascal’s wager, without even considering that someone has used that argument before them…

Read The Full Post Here

My response:

Hi Greta,

Great and challenging piece on the topic of faith and Pascal’s wager. I actually used it in a recent debate with an Atheist, and I will admit, it was made because I was “backed into the corner” regarding the issue of “proof”…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/re-why-it-is-not-a-safe-bet-to-believe-in-god/

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