An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-Three

Danny left the Church building still reeling from Bolu’s hug.  He could still feel his big strong arms around him, squeezing him.  Danny hadn’t been hugged like that before.  It was…comforting.  Strangely so.  And what Bolu had said about God loving him was just…too much.  He couldn’t take it in.

He had heard many people tell him that before, but they were usually so flippant about it…as if they didn’t really believe it.  Sometimes, people would say it in such a way as to pass judgment or their frustration across.  But the way Bolu had said it, Danny knew he really meant it.  Bolu had even gotten emotional about it.

But could it be true?  Could God possibly love him?  Still?  After all the awful things he had done?  Even knowingly choosing to give himself over to Satan?  How could God still love him?

Danny didn’t know why it was important for him to know that God still loved him, but somehow…deep inside, he hoped that it was true.  He hoped that there was still hope for him to choose the path of righteousness and to forsake evil…


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