A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 16)

David sat in his car contemplating whether or not to join the party.  He hadn’t been invited, but he really wanted to go.  He really wanted to see Mary again, and he had bought gifts for her boys too.

Mary hadn’t posted any update on her blog about the party, but he had seen a birthday post this morning on Instagram, and another picture of the decorated garden, where the party would be hosting.  It was only a guess that they would be having the party at the Chukwuekes’ Mansion.  And since he was off duty today, he’d decided it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit.

As he’d expected, the place was packed and lively.  Adults as well as children trooped into the compound.  A big, colourful bouncy castle could be seen over the wall that surrounded the Mansion.  He could also hear children screaming over the sound of loud party music.

With a sigh, he switched off the engine and opened the car door.  As he stepped out, his phone began to ring.  He walked around the car to the passenger side, where his big package was sitting on the seat, and pulled out his phone from his back pocket…

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