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Editor’s Pick: The Boyfriend And The Husband

The boyfriend has it the best!!!  He can do no wrong, and every good deed he does is golden 🙂

The husband, on the other hand, can hardly get it right!  Any good deed he does is suspect.  I mean, what is he getting at being so nice?

It’s a paradox with us ladies, how we trip over the little things our boyfriends do for us, reminiscing on them for days on end, and thinking how he’s such a keeper.  Marry the man, and though he does the same things and more, you might hardly notice.  Why?

I mean, a boyfriend gives you flowers, and you’re glowing.  A husband provides lighting for your home, but he gets no praise.  Husbands have it hard.

Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect it’s not.  Maybe it’s because when we’re single and dating, we’re easy to please and find it easy to love.  We want to be reasonable and affectionate, so that the man will think we’re wonderful and marry us.

But after we’ve got him, the standards change.  The same ol’ same ol’ won’t do.  Though the man tries to live up to his new responsibilities as husband (and probably father), we…

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