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The Marriage ABCs – Z for Zealous for Life

We’ve come at last to the last of The Marriage ABCs.  It has been rather comprehensive, with hardly a stone left unturned.  I do plan on writing a separate post about Domestic Violence in marriage.  It is not a part of The Marriage ABCs, because it is a given that such is contrary to Christ and to Wisdom, and thus to marriage.  The Marriage ABCs has been focused on how to make your marriage better, and work to the glory of God, and was written for Christians.

If you are seeking marriage, then I believe you have been equipped with wisdom to discern and choose wisely, so that your marriage will be the better for it; free from strife and confusion.  If you are already married, I hope that you have been encouraged and inspired to keep on persevering and to abide happily with your choice.  If you are already divorced, I hope this series helped you get some perspective on what went wrong, and what you could have done differently, so that you will be the wiser for it.

One thing I need you to take away from this is, however wonderful marriage is, however ordained and holy your…

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