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The gospel of Christ is such a mystery to onlookers. They can hardly understand why an all-powerful being, such as God, would subject Himself to such an humiliation as to be killed on a Cross. How He could say that He came to save the world, but wasn’t able to save Himself! The problem here is that they don’t know the WHY. In my post “The Power of The Cross“, I explained the mystery behind this act of submission.

Today, people still mock God’s apparent ‘powerlessness’. “If you’re truly there, show yourself!!!” “If you’re truly powerful, do a miracle for us!” “If you’re truly good, then destroy poverty, sickness and evil NOW…and don’t let me or anyone else suffer anymore!” They don’t understand why He remains silent if He exists, and assume if He does exist, He must be pretty powerless or just pure evil! In my post, “The ‘Wicked God’ of the Bible“, I explore the dangers of this reasoning.

However, Jehovah is an ALMIGHTY God. The Only Supreme God, who is all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing and ever-present. There is indeed nothing too big or too small for Him. But as the King of kings and Lord of lords, He submits to no one, nor does He change at the will or command of anyone. Yet, in His great love, He gives men the privilege to know Him and to have a relationship with Him. To live with them as a loving Father, not just a Conquering King. My post, ‘A Loving God‘, deals with this.

I wonder how many of you have watched the remake of the Superman film – Man of Steel. There are some parallels to be drawn from it in explaining the mystery of the gospel. In the movie, the powerful Superman, who did not want to harm or upset humans, allowed himself to be held captive by them. But, when it was needful for him, he simply separated his hands, which were bound by iron chains, and they broke and fell off without argument! That was just too hilarious!!!

You see, the world doesn’t comprehend true power. True power is not an oppressive show of strength.  True power is true love (Matt 20:25-27)!  Submission is not the absence of power, but the control of power. In the same way, Jesus submitted to the Cross! And He did so to win a BIGGER victory.

Were His hands truly bound by those ropes? Did the nails really hold Him up on that Cross? Yes and No. Yes in that, they were physically able to hold Him, because He came as a human – the Son of Man – to take our place on the Cross. But also No, in that being also the Son of God, at anytime, He could have disappeared, broken His bonds or even ripped Himself free of the Cross. But He choose not to. These are His words to us:

“No one takes it [My Life] from Me, but I lay it down of My own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again…” (John 10:18).

Let us not join the mockers and laugh at His humble imagery on the Cross… He is not a powerless God. He is a courageous Friend (John 15:13)!  We have cause to rejoice, because He is indeed risen!

As to why God allows evil, injustice and sickness, only God truly knows why He choses to act in some situations and not to in others.  I believe that He has also ‘bound’ His hands (so to speak) from acting before the time He has given Himself and us, to pour out His judgement on the wicked.

In the beginning, He submitted and entrusted the world to man, when He gave Adam the first commandment to go and replenish the Earth and have dominion over it. As a ministering Spirit, He lives inside of all of us who invite Him to be our Lord, and through us He is content to perform His wonders on the Earth.  He does hear our prayers, and is moved to act daily in the lives of those who submit themselves daily to His will.  I will share more on this in my follow up post – You Are A Royal Priesthood…A Peculiar People.

Through us, who believe, God has chosen to feed the poor, heal the sick, defend the oppressed and reach the lost. We are His appointed mouthpieces, His hands and feet, created unto good works (Eph 2:10). This does not mean that if we fail to act, God will not bring deliverance from elsewhere, for He is a just God. He will not always remain silent. And those to whom He entrusted the world must give account to Him of their service and leadership (Luke 12:42-48).

May we be found faithful stewards, doing the will of God when He returns in glory. Amen.

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      • Okay, read it.
        I wonder if you might explain this passage for me, please? As you claim you were not convinced by theology.

        What was the reward? The souls of men! You see, when God made the Earth, He created Adam and Eve, and they were made spotless, without sin, in the image of God. But, the devil possessed a serpent, who tricked Eve (animals could talk then), who then enticed Adam to disobey God. They ate the forbidden fruit, and humans played into the hand of the enemy of their souls!


      • I was not convinced by theology, that’s not hard to understand! However, after I believed, God gave me the ability to understand many things – not exclusive to theology.


  1. “The gospel of Christ is such a mystery to onlookers. They can hardly understand why an all-powerful being, such as God, would subject Himself to such an humiliation as to be killed on a Cross.”

    I honestly don’t find it mysterious. Just man-made. Once I read the book in its entirety, it seemed so obvious to me that this was a made up story. It’s a rather ingenious story, because it hooks people with emotional blackmail and the bible has just enough ‘good’ things in there to keep the believer coming back for more.


    • It’s quite an amazing work of fiction to still be the most widely read book in the whole wide world, even by people like you who claim it is all lies. It’s also quite amazing how Christianity has withstood the test of time… Ummm… I think it’s too good to be fiction.


      • This of course is not the view of 85% of Judaism who regard the Pentateuch as Historical Fiction and the scientific and archaeological evidence supports this view 100%.
        Neither is it the view of mainstream Catholicism which unanimously supports evolution and considers Genesis fiction.

        In fact, the majority of Christianity consider Genesis simply historical fiction.

        The numbers of Christians in developed nations across the globe is shrinking every year and the statistics prove this.

        Yes, the bible has stood the test of time, not least because of the indoctrination each subsequent generation undergoes, and the names of those who are baptized as infants are not usually removed from church records, this giving a false impression of how widespread actual belief is.

        However, once the cycle of inducting children into a religion is broken a great many never embrace it.

        Based on trends across the globe, christianity will likely go the way of so many religions before it.

        The fly in the ointment is Christianity’s bastard offspring, Islam.

        Definitely one to watch in the future, wouldn’t you agree?


  2. It’s evil for human beings to put themselves above others and rule over them. That’s the seat that rightfully, belongs to God but people prefer human power and admire it. “Jesus resisted sin unto death” as the Son of Man, He set the example for us to follow by complete surrender to the Will of God. The Servant King, served His Father and thereby, served others and never did as people commonly do, force His will on others and usurp God’s authority in pursuit of power. True equality is personified in the life of Jesus. His work on the cross has so many aspect

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      • Well, you have fun with Ark and crew Ufuoma. Eventually you will tire of it, as he is not looking for honest back and forth discussion, but to distract you from your real mission, which is to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus. He camped with me for a while, but got tired of me. Now, I am just an indoctrinated fundie, hardly worth his time. Which works for me, as I have better things to do than argue with him. You keep up the good work though, sister, you are doing great.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Wally! Believe me, I’ve been sending him the message to pack his bags and move on… I wonder why he isn’t getting it. However, I will give him and his crew this much – they’ve got me thinking more and have given me so much new material that I have two on hold as we speak! I don’t know if I can keep it up, but God is helping me.

        Cheers, Ufuoma.

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  3. @Arkanaten Christianity cannot exist without the bible. Does that mean you can take away the bible and Christianity will become extinct? I am afraid no, Hitler and Stalin already tried that. Christianity self perpetuates, because it is not a religion. It is a relationship. Your fly in the ointment would not exist without Christ. Asking a christian to explain his belief without the bible is like asking you to explain your existence without giving credit to your mother and father.

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