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God Can Do That For You Too…

Have you ever said to God, “If You will just do this thing for me, I will not ask You for another thing…”?

I’m sure many of us have. Maybe not in that exact wording, but a similar spirit. “Lord, You don’t have to do anything else for me. Just do this!” There is even biblical justification for this mentality – “This one thing I ask…” – Psalm 27:4.

It’s seems so noble, but a lot of the time, we make such prayers from a place of unworthiness, distrust, unbelief, and fear. We do not really believe God has ENOUGH to give us ALL that we want or even need. We sort of see God as managing a limited supply of blessings.

“Lord, I know You already did this thing for me, but can I just ask you for one other thing… I hope I’m not being too greedy.”

“I hope I am not bothering You…”

“I hope I am not being ungrateful…”

Sister, Brother, the Lord says, “Ask Me, and I will give you the nations…” (Psalm 2:8).

Our brother James said, “You have not because you ask not…” (James 4:2)

God asks you, “Is there anything too difficuly for Me to do?” (Jeremiah 32:27).

So, I was chatting with my friend the other day, and she’s going through a really trying time in her home. And she said this thing to me, that this is what she asked God – “Don’t do anything else for me. Just do this!”

Immediately, alarm bells went off in my head. Maybe because I’ve been listening to Joel Osteen too much. Or maybe it’s because one of the lessons I got from reading Rick Warren’s ‘A Purpose Driven Life’ was that the reason we are envious of each other is because we think God doesn’t have enough for everyone, whereas He has to overflowing for each and everyone of us! We think God is too small!

I said to my friend, “NO! Why will you tie God’s hands like that?!”

Friends, don’t tell Him not to do other things for You. Thank Him for all the things He has done for You. Tell Him that because of all He has done for You, you know that He will not leave you in your troubled circumstance. You know that your unhappiness and pain do not please Him, and you know that He is already at work in your life making everything work together for good. Tell Him you trust Him, and ask Him for more grace to believe for more, knowing that He will help you overcome your present trials, and you will yet praise Him!

Jesus said to His disciples, probably addressing this lack mentality, “Do not be afraid little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom” (Luke 12:32). And in Matthew 7:11, it is written, “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

When you are in pain and suffering, and you are in want of healing, deliverance, restoration, do not think your troubles too much for God. And when God restores you to wholeness and blesses you, do not think, “That’s it. I’ve used up all His grace for this year. I’ll have to wait til next year before I ask Him for anything else.”

Brethren, come boldly to the Throne of Grace whenever you have need and ask of Him who loves you and wants to bless you with every good thing. His arm is not too short! Believe for more!

God can do that for you too!

Last year, I wrote a similar post, ‘Does God Really Want Us to Ask For What We Want?’, which my friend published on her blog, with the title: CAN I ASK GOD FOR WHAT I WANT? Do check it out and be blessed.

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  1. Thank you ufuomaee.

    To think that I was in this same place a few days ago. Wondering if what I am asking God is not too much seeing that He has been sooooooooo good to me.

    Thank you for this reminder to come boldly….šŸ™šŸ½šŸ™šŸ½šŸ™šŸ½

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