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I feel like someone in love.  You know that feeling when every song you hear reminds you of the one you love, and you swoon because of the feeling in your heart, as each word rings true.  Those who are not in love don’t get it.  They hear a love song and think ‘oh, that’s nice’ or ‘so sweet’ or ‘what a lovely melody’.  They never go beyond enjoying the song or the musical talents of the performer.

But for the person in love, the melody is just the beginning.  They identify so much with the singer that they may even feel they know them.  Their thoughts in contrast are ‘wow, so true’ or ‘oh, how did you know?’ or ‘that’s just how I feel’.  It feels like the song was written for them, or that they in fact wrote it.  This is what every writer and singer aspires to, that someone will more than love the music but be enraptured in it, as they identify with the feelings of the composer.

I’ve been among the listeners nodding my head to Christian tunes and ‘loving’ it!  But since I came to the remembrance of the Father’s love for me, I’ve been captivated by them.  Every word rings true and amen and hallelujah are my heart cries.  I wonder, how could I ever have sang this song before and never known its power.  I marvel at how deaf and blind I have been, not to have been moved by them before.  Then I fear that this realisation will soon pass, and again, all it will be is a song.

But He loving reminds me that everyday, I am to lay myself down before Him anew.  Everyday, I should seek His face and desire His nourishment.  And as I habitually come back for more of Him, my thirst will grow, so that every minute of every day I will desire to hear from Him.  This is what the Lord has done in me, and how good it feels to be loved by Him!

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  1. Love is for the living, you start Living when you Love. The true meaning of Love is only understood in the arms of Jehovah, who is not just God, but our Father…. Am in love too!


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