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If I Were A Politician

The other day, someone asked me if I had any political ambitions.  My answer was a flat out “NO!”  Still, they insisted that since I am already on the path of social change, being a social entrepreneur, that it’s something I should consider.  Good point.  My answer was still “NO!”.

But he wouldn’t relent.  He continued, “…but if people like you with good ambitions and intentions never step up to the plate of politics, then we will always have bad leaders, who don’t care for us…”  Makes you want to say “Yes, Ufuoma!  You should think about that…” right?

Tempting, but I beg to differ!  Some people just aren’t cut out for politics!  Having good intentions and good ideas never qualified anyone for leadership.  You’ve got to have the backbone for it too.  Some of us are meant to be supporters, or foundation builders, like John, who prepared the way for Christ.  Not everyone has what it takes to lead a country.  Heart is not enough.

Yes, I have the heart…  Ummm…we’ll leave that as a given, but it really hasn’t been tested.  But do I have the mind?  Do I have the backbone to deal with the pains of a stubborn and rebellious nation???

No politician goes out campaigning and calling his people a stubborn and rebellious nation! But you know what…that’s the no 1 reason why I will be a terrible politician!  I speak the truth.  The truth is humans are stubborn, rebellious and hard to lead.  Moses didn’t figure that out until God used him to deliver the Isrealites from bondage!  Before then, they were a helpless flock of sheep!

Nigeria is the classic example of a stubborn and rebellious people. We are so used to being slaves that even when someone comes to redeem us from our chains, we assault them with insults and cling to our oppressor, while still grumbling in the dark! We chant that we want change, that enough is enough, but who among us stepped up for the presidency? We have just two options! Really? Only them?

The truth about Nigeria is that we are beyond a short-term fix! There’s no government that can come in and fix the years of corruption, and the indoctrination of abuse that we have endured since independence! Any true deliverer might need us to have faith in them and support them as we go through the wilderness another 10, 20 or even 40 years!!! But we have no such patience nor understanding! We believe the false promises of those who vow change in a year or two! Wow!

Government is an institution established and honoured by God, just like marriage, so when thinking of those in power and campaigning for authority, we have to know that we are being led by God and not our bellies. Unfortunately, just like marriage, unholy and unwise compromises are made in the name of convenience, desparation or even disillusionment!

We need leadership with more than heart and ideas… We need strategic minds and holy authority, which comes by reverence to God. Only those so endowed should stand for us and deserve our vote. They are human like us, and need our support. They need us to understand a few things:

1. Change is a direction, not a destination. It will take time.
2. The problem was there before them, but like you, they are fed up with it and ready to correct it once and for all!
3. Your trust must be earned, because of the many abusers before them. So they will be understanding of your scepticism and patient with your rejection.
4. True governance is a partnership between the people and the government. A true leader will seek to include you in their strategy for change.

Well, I don’t know if I’ve convinced you that I don’t have what it takes to be a politician. However, I hope I have helped you to identify what you need to see in your leader, above what you need to hear. At the end of the day, every leader needs the support and respect of his followers. Make sure whoever you vote for deserves it!

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  1. Great advice, Thank you Ufuoma and you are in the role you were created for, we are meant to be supporters, and foundation builders and in that role we will be greatly blessed neither the Male or female role is Superior or inferior, they are just different and God given.

    Christian Love in Unity with Christ Jesus – Anne


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