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The Problem With Being Right

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I have a long way to go.  I just threw a fit, cursed at and abused a truck driver who was reversing into my car because I refused to move out of the way, so he could make a 10 minutes maneuver, in preference that he’d move aside for me to go on my merry way.

Before it got to this point, the Spirit had prodded me to be the bigger person and reverse and wait.  However, having spent the last 45 mins in traffic on a route that normally takes 5, I’d run out of patience.  It didn’t make sense to me.  But I forgot that he had much less to lose than I did if he had succeeded in bashing my car!

Often, it is hard to do the right thing, when we feel others are doing the wrong thing.  But I learnt something, out of my resulting awful witness, that being right with others doesn’t mean I am right with God.  I have to be right with God, even when it means that I accept the lower or ‘loser’ status with others.  (In much the same way that Christ accepted the lower status, in being crucified, though he had not sinned).  At the end of the day, it’s only God’s viewpoint that matters.

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  1. Ufuo…this is one of your best pieces yet (to me), probably because I’m very often in this position, as i love being right (smh at myself). My one consolation is the knowledge that Jesus knew it would be a constant struggle and so He exhorts us to pick up our cross(es) {my Church adds ‘daily’ to this} and follow Him down the straight and narrow road. He also tells us it won’t be easy but He will be right there with us and we can cast our burdens onto Him and He will help us….So daily when i rail/rant at the lack of lawlessness on Lagos roads and other things…PHCN, fuel scarcity, Boko Haram…etc, in my saner moments, I ask the Holy Spirit for strength to hold on next time and not be too quick to judge/comment or rant. I have also taken to what we call ‘mortification’ (esp good during this Lenten season) which is a way of training the soul to attain virtuous and holy living by striving to cure bad habits and mannerisms by replacing them with good ones. So now when i want to rant/complain/argue/nag, i have to find something good and positive to talk about instead or keep mute….it’s not always easy or doable but its helped to reduce those inclinations. You can read a little more about mortification here: Take care and be strong on this journey to Glory!

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