Critical Thinking


It is unbelievable that a Word can become Flesh.
It is unbelievable that through spoken Words,
The World and all that is in it were created.
It is unbelievable, until you believe…

It is unbelievable that God chose to become a Man.
It is unbelievable that though He’s King of all,
He chose to live and serve among the poor.
It is unbelievable, until you know Him…

It is unbelievable that the Messiah came to die.
It is unbelievable that He did not resist His enemies, but
That the deliverance we needed came by His death!
It is unbelievable, until you become like Him…

It may be unbelievable, but it is certainly the Truth
That God so loved you that He came to the Earth
To live an unbelievable life and suffer an unimaginable fate
So that you may have abundant, eternal life!

When you believe the unbelievable,
Your story also becomes unbelievable.
The power of hope and love is manifest
When, as a little child, you believe in Him…

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  1. It is “a word” that became flesh. It is “the word” became flesh and the Greek “logos” translated as word.

    The Logos is something more akin to an idea, logic or wisdom. When you see a logo it represents an entity. Logic also has a similar root.

    So basically the abstract undescribable and infinite God somehow took the form of a man. Which, like you say, is unbelievable.

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    • Thanks Joel. You’re spot on. However, if I changed it to “the Word”, it would already assume an understanding and a belief. Maybe I can change the first line to “It is unbelievable that Wisdom can become Flesh”??? I don’t know.

      But your critque will definitely set anyone straight. Cheers!

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