Issues of Life

You Will Do Good Works

Lest any think the message of grace
Is a license to live at one’s will,
Or an occassion to act selfishly,
Hear ye! You were bought at a price.
Though you were once a slave to sin,
You are now the captive of Christ!
As a new creature, you are God’s handiwork;
Created so that you will do His works,
Which He prepared for you to do…

Now surely, if you are His servant,
You will obey the Lord!
You will desire to please Him.
You will manifest the fruits of His Spirit.
You will grow as a branch, grafted in,
And bear fruit in due season…
Sin shall have no power over you.
Surely, you shall walk in it no more,
But put to death the deeds of the flesh…

If ever you should stumble,
For the battle is fierce, and the body weak,
You shall not ultimately fall.
You will humble yourself before God,
And seek His face in supplication.
You shall not at all be condemned,
For there is grace enough at His throne.
You shall surely rise again,
And continue to walk in the light…

So walk, Brethren, in love.
Have fellowship one with another.
Care for the lost, heal the sick.
Do good works unto all men,
So that your light will shine forth…
And by your love, all men may know,
That you are of the children of God.
Do not fear evil, nor give place to it.
And you will be saved at the last…

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