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It’s OK to Change Your Mind…

If you happen to have read my post Think BIGGER!, you may have had some of your views on and practices of Christianity challenged. Some of your deeply entrenched doctrines would have been strongly refuted by that brief Bible study and revelation of who you are in Christ. You may find that you are even among those who have heavily preached a lie and contributed to the continual enslavement of your brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been called to liberty.

There are two things that can result from this.  You can either respond in pride or in humility.  Pride tells us to reject the truth, and continue to do what we have been doing, because we cannot reconcile the fact that we have been wrong all along about this thing that we were so sure we were right about!  Especially, when you have been doing such great works for God, and He appears to have blessed your ministry in many ways (Matt 7:21-23, Luke 6:46).  Humility says, like Peter: “to whom shall we go, You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68), and conforms itself to Christ, bringing every thought into submission to Him (2 Cor 10:5).  James said that we should not deceive ourselves, being hearers only; who look in the mirror and see egg on their faces, and then do nothing about it (Jam 1:22-24)!  That is plain foolishness!

The Devil’s Ministry is to make fools of men!  It is the Devil that tells men that there is no God (Psa 14:1).  It is the Devil that tells men that “You don’t have to lose your life to save it…you can have your cake and eat it too!”  He preaches counter to the Cross, which is why Jesus rebuked Peter so vehemently, when he told Jesus He didn’t have to die (Matt 16:23)!  It is the Devil that tells men that the messengers of God sent to them are in fact messengers of darkness!  Don’t be like the Scribes and Pharisees, who were so puffed up in their knowledge, but did not know how lacking they were in understanding, who, rather than embraced Jesus, accused Him of having an evil spirit (Matt 12:24)!

The truth is the only thing that can set us free (John 8:32)!  Half-truths are even more dangerous than outright lies, because they enslave us in compromise and weakness, placing us out of God’s will, where the Devil can continually deceive us out of our inheritance!  Jesus said to the Pharisees that if they refuse to fall upon the Rock (Him) and be broken, that it will surely fall upon them, and they will be crushed (Matt 21:42-44)!  Though He said He didn’t come to condemn the world – for He came to deliver us with the truth – He did say that His words will JUDGE us all at the Last Day (John 12:47-48).

As hard as it might be for us to admit that we have been going the wrong way, preaching the wrong things, and living out of God’s will for us, it is what we need to do.  We must confess and turn around and get on the right track again (Luke 13:3).  Don’t be like the Rich Young Ruler, who loved his riches so much that he lost out on eternal life (Mark 10:17-23)…  Don’t be like those who turned around and stopped following Jesus, when they realised what He was demanding of them (John 6:66, Luke 9:57-62).  If you truly believe Jesus is the only way…listen to HIM (Luke 9:35)!

It is OK to change your mind.  Nobody will shout ‘Ha ha!” to shame you…at least, not anyone who matters!!!  Instead, just like the coin that was lost and was found, just like the sheep that went astray, just like the prodigal son, who thought he knew better, the Father and His angels are looking for you and hoping that you will come back to His fold, where they are ready to celebrate your return in the most glorious fashion (Luke 15)!!!

If you linger in doubt and unbelief, you will find a great company of people that will convince you again that the truth you have learnt is a lie!  That’s what happened to so many Jews who rejected Jesus!  There were far more of them than those who believed in Jesus!  They had good company.  They had a strong religion and tradition.  They had all the reasons NOT to believe the truth.  But there is only one reason to believe the truth – because it is the TRUTH and it will set your free!  If you are wise, you will believe and obey the truth (Matt 7:24)!

I have no reason to deceive you.  I am not asking you for tithes and offerings.  I am not asking you to forsake all to me.  I am not even asking you to follow me.  I am pointing you to your Redeemer; the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)!  I am asking you to follow Jesus…and I can boldly do so, because you already said you believe in Jesus.  Show your faith by your works…because in the absence of obedient works, your faith is literally DEAD (Jam 2:17)!  Such a faith cannot save anyone…for the demons also believe and tremble (Jam 2:19)!

And if you do believe the truth about who you are in Christ, and want to jump up for joy, dance and walk in your new found liberty, don’t let anyone stop you!

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