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Make It Stink!

Lord, I know no one is above temptation.
It knocks at the door of every heart…
Oft times it is disguised as something desirable;
And sometimes, we are just weak…
We may be lonely, or emotionally down.
In need of a friend to talk to;
Someone to love and hold.
In need of comforting from a heartbreak,
Or from those who disappointed us…
Or we may simply be proud;
Thinking we are strong enough to handle it…
Thinking we have just the words to rebuke it…
We may linger, we may flirt.
We may compromise, and fall at the last…

Father, even Jesus was tempted of evil.
But He countered it with Your Wisdom.
He knew You like no other,
And Your Spirit is wholly in Him…
We are not so wise as Him.
We are not so strong.
Lord, save us from our foolishness.
Save us from our pride,
From our weakness, from ourselves…
When temptation comes knocking,
Make it stink, Lord! Make it stink!
Let its awful stench fill the air…
Let us be offended, even as You are.
That we may not stand to hear it speak.
That we may not be comfortable to linger;
That we may hasten to run…

Lord, this I ask of You
As one who is facing temptation.
Give me boldness, and a love of the Truth.
Grant me Your Wisdom
Even in my darkest hour…
Let Your Light enlighten the way out.
And yet, let it stink!
That I may not rest
Until the stench is gone…
And I will run to You.
And I will abide in You.
And I will be found in You…

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  1. Ah I love this. This is one prayer I tell God when it comes. Not in this exact way but I remember I wanting God to make sin look so disgusting to me that I can’t stand it. It’s like bullshit. It’s been a process and it’s different as I learn to walk in him though sometimes it’s easy to forget but His grace is sufficient for his strength is made perfect in weakness. Thanks dear.
    P.S: I plan on reading your series Emotional Affair. I see how you’ve graciously followed mine. I just have a lot going on right now but I’ve taken a peek and I know if I start, I won’t stop till I finish it. whereas I have deadlines I’m brainstorming to submit soon. Pray for me o. lool.

    Thanks Ufuomaee for this. God bless. xoxo!

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    • Thanks dear! I appreciate your comment here, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on An Emotional Affair. Keep up the good work at


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