God is Watching You!

Jesus is watching

All you people who don’t finish reading a post before liking…  God is watching you, oh!

All you people who read interesting stories, even following whole series and never dropping a comment…  There is God oh!

All you people who share random posts on Facebook or Twitter, because they are funny or dirty, but never think to share a post with a strong Christian message…  God knows your address!

All you people who read my posts, but never like or comment…but the moment I change my profile picture, I remember you’re my friend…  God will judge between us!

All you people who refuse to laugh, and choose rather to take offence at this message…  Chill, God is gracious!

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  1. I did smile at this post cos its title is one of my favourite sentences. And again, to think it is coming a day after an “Oasis for the Lord” got me smiling all through.

    I am guilty of some charges though. Lol
    As to liking posts on blogs, I have found that impossible till now. When I click on like, I am asked to sign in and all that. Is it only bloggers that can like blog posts?

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