I just had to! When you read it, you will understand why.

Great post, Roland!


There was this brother who always talked about his ambition to travel overseas, where he will find a better future and greener pastures. He made such an impression about his travel ambitions to the point that , people started calling him “Borga”

Borga acquired a passport but for some strange reasons felt he could easily arrange a fake Visa with the help of a notorious dealer popularly known as ‘connection man’ at a small fee.After all it was just a small sheet of paper. Besides he was horrified by all the stories of mean officials who refused most applicants visas without justifiable cause. He was also scared he didn’t have a healthy bank account to merit a Visa.

Borga even shared on social media on his countdown to the USA. He received a lot of likes and congratulations.

Borga then went ahead to purchase tge air ticket with the fake…

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