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FLA Rising Stars – Meet Ibukun

Our latest GlobalGiving Report has been published, and it was rated a 5 Excellent!!! Check it out here to find out why 🙂 http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/…/educate-and-train-1…/updates or read it as published here on Fair Life Africa’s blog.

The Rising Star

dsc_1708-533x800Last year, we met the young, beautiful and lovely Ibukun, while doing our search for children with talents to take part in our first of its kind Talent Search Competition, in partnership with Ultima Limited.  Ibukun is a passionate young lady of 16 years, who loves acting and started acting in Church and in School, when she was only six years old.   She says she wants to be a Play Writer or Actress in the future.

Ibukun is truly gifted, as her trainers at K.K.A Arts Academy attest to.  During the competition, she showed a rare creative talent in acting, which transformed her into a character that you couldn’t take your eyes off.   She was skillful at incorporating humour and wisdom in her performances, and worked as well in a group as she did solo.  It was no wonder she arose to become one of the six winners of the…

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