Broken – Part One (A Broken Promise)

Who am I?  How do I even begin to answer that question?  In all honesty, I don’t know who I am, I’m still finding out.  I’ve stopped being shocked at what I am capable of, and decided that I’m going to be true to my real self, and whoever can’t deal with it…that’s their issue and not mine.

But you’re probably asking about my name and my career, basically my bio and my background.  Well, my name is Promise or Missy, depending on my mood.  My native name is Tejumola Olamisan.  I am the second of three children to my parents Kayode and Bukola Odedina.  I am 29 years young.  I have an elder brother, Toyin, and a younger sister, Kemi.

I am married to Openiyi Olamisan.  We’ve been married a little over a year now.  No kids.  He is a Business Man, and I’m, well, a Home-maker.  I wouldn’t say house-wife.  I just don’t think that title suits me.

When I met my husband, I was what some might call a “runs girl”.  I had a string of guys I was sleeping with, who looked after my various wants and needs…


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