Broken – Part Eleven (No Greater Love)

That night, I dreamt I returned home to Ope, and had prepared a speech to tell him how sorry I was for breaking his heart.  But when I arrived at our home, another woman opened the door, and called to Ope, “Darling, there’s a woman here to see you.”

When Ope came to the door, he seemed amused to see me, and I lost the nerve.  I ran away, while he looked on at me.

I woke up with tears in my eyes.  Who was I to expect that he would wait for me to get my act together?  It was a fool’s dream, and a confirmation that I just had to move on and leave Ope in the past.

The next night, I had another dream about Ope.  This time, he opened the door to me, and there was no woman in his house.  I said my speech in full, and he dutifully forgave me.

But he had changed.  His love for me had waned.  He didn’t appear attracted to me anymore, and made no attempt to touch me.  I was miserable…


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