Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Ten Reasons You’re Not Getting Likes Anymore

This is just a random list off the top of my head.  It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that my blog has become a Ghost Town in the last couple of weeks.  Don’t read too much into it.

Maybe you’re wondering the same things, though.  Sometimes, it helps to air out your concerns, and then they no longer take up space in your head, where more productive ideas ought to grow.  So let’s begin:

  1. They are probably on holiday!  Yes, we easily forget that other people have lives apart from blogging and reading blogs.  If it is a holiday season, or a busy time of the year, perhaps they took some much needed time off!
  2. They are probably busy with life!  Yes, life happens.  Even if they haven’t gone on that holiday, maybe they finally took your advice (or didn’t take your advice) and decided to get their life together, focus on what’s important, and reading your blog was postponed for a while…
  3. They probably just received great/bad news!  They may have finally had the baby you didn’t know about, or maybe they lost someone close to them…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/ten-reasons-youre-not-getting-likes-anymore/

Editor’s Pick is a special category on Grace and Truth for sharing previously published content that some of my readers may have missed.  Please follow the link to the original post to continue reading, and make your comments there.  This link may be disabled after 90 days, and any comments made here will no longer be visible, until the post is shared again.  Thanks for understanding and for reading, liking, sharing and commenting!

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