Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Is Anybody Really Listening?

We are in the age of an abundance of knowledge.  Almost anything you want to know is but a click away.  Every second, millions of people are broadcasting new messages, publishing new articles and expressing new or recycled ideas.  But who is really listening?

It is so easy to spend hours online, reading, watching, stalking even, and not actually change your mindset or learn anything new.  We surround ourselves with the familiar.  We follow those who think like us, who believe like us, who act like us…  Even if we follow those few special people who we strive to emulate or who challenge our thinking, are we really listening to their messages?

How many tweets are really read before they are re-tweeted?  Many people retweet others so that their own fan base will grow.  What about those people who like others, so that they will get noticed?  Or those who follow the popular, hoping that they too will become popular, whether or not they know what to do with that popularity?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/is-anybody-really-listening/

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