Christianity: Separating The Religion From The Culture

Christianity as it is today is probably 40% religion and 60% culture.  That’s my guesstimate and you’re free to disagree.   I don’t have data for this, just what I have been observing, and based on my understanding of the Faith (the beliefs and practices of the religion).

When people think of Christianity, these days, most of their focus is taken up with culture and tradition, and not the actual religion.  A lot of people who think they know Christianity or Christians and are offended by one or both, often CAN’T really appreciate the religion without the culture!  But I think it is very important for us to distinguish the two, for our own understanding and Faith, and also so we can enlighten and guide others.

The truth is that there is not ONE Christian culture.  There should be, but there isn’t.  In as many different lands as Christianity has spread, it has adapted to and absorbed a lot of the culture of that society, while holding to the religion.  In some places, it is probably true that the practice of Christianity is actually 60% religion and 40% culture, but I think for the majority, the religion is highly padded with culture…



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