Parenting in the age of gender revolution and gender confusion 

Thanks for writing so honestly about this. I really don’t know how I would deal with it myself, but pray for wisdom and grace to raise my child with a sound mind and a holy fear of God!

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​”The first and second surgeries to remove [her] testicles and penis were successful. The third surgery to transplant ovaries into her body led to serious complications. And [her] last surgery to transplant a uterus, so that the transgender woman might be able to have children, ultimately killed her”

The trans thing is growing at a fast rate and becoming very unsettling. It’s receiving so much push and publicity at a very discomforting level. Society in the name of Modernity and Human Rights is increasingly being accommodating of things that clearly should be “unacceptable”. We now have a growing number of people identifying as:

  • Homosexuals
  • Transgender people
  • Transracial people
  • Transabled people
  • Trans-aged people
  • Trans-species people

What’s the next big thing and where does this end??

OK, so I watched a movie recently and a guy brought a lady home and midway into the kissing and all, he realized the lady was…

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  1. For people who are transgender, it’s important to tell people that before being intimate in any way with anyone. But I don’t believe god hates LGBTQ+ people, righteous holier than thou people who are perfect in their own eyes do. Sexuality and gender are two separate issues. Just because someone was born male or female biologically, does not determine their sexuality. The thing about this issue is, LGBTQ+ people are attracted to spirits and hearts not genitalia’s that’s only a small part of the equation. The people who do pay attention to genitalia’s are judging others but if they were really following God/Jesus Christ, they’d know humanity has no right to judge anyone, especially based off of who someone loves. I however, disagree with trans people deceiving others.

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    • When we begin to discuss issues relating to the LGBTQ people, it is so easy to see the word ‘hate’ thrown in the mix to muddy the waters, and distract us from the real issues that we are trying to address. What that means is that we can’t have a serious and sincere discussion or opinion on the matter without someone accusing us of hatred!

      In the post I read and shared, I didn’t see that word or its counterparts ONCE, but in your comment, it is in the second line. Why?

      I certainly do not believe the man who wrote the post hates the LGBTQ people. And I also did not leave with the impression that he believes that God hates them too! So why do you bring up hatred in such a serious discussion and cloudy the issues?

      And how do you know what LGBTQ people are attracted to? On what basis can you say that sexuality has nothing to do with gender? If you mean BIOLOGY has nothing to do with gender, you would be more correct, because biology is natural, gender is socially constructed. But the way you have written about sexuality gives the impression that it is neither related to gender nor biology. How then is sexuality derived?

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    • Your honest comment is very much appreciated.
      Every one in life is entitled to their choices…God gave each of us that right. Society through human rights has also given us same right.
      Nonetheless you will find that in any human setting…even in the animal kingdom, we all can never agree on one thing, or follow the same path.
      However, it is always important to realize that where one person’s right ends, another person’s begin. Similarly, I believe as human beings, we all have our different experiences of life and our different opinions. Whether you feel something is right or wrong, we are entitled to share our opinion about whatever affects our life. The same society we live in I believe wants us to share our opinion freely without being labelled hateful just because another doesn’t see our reason.
      I believe you appreciate the fact that even where there is love (like in marriage), there still exists disagreements but the fact that you disagree with your partner (or share different opinions, likes and dislikes) does not necessarily mean you are hateful!
      We all exercise the right to be heard irrespective of our backgrounds, cultures or religious stances.
      When you want something to be accepted, you stand on a point/foundation (whether religious, social, biological, etc) to push your argument through. You don’t do that yet deny someone else that right. I identify as Christian yet do not HATE anybody who identifies otherwise; neither do I take away their right to freely speak of that which they believe in or hold as true. Even among us Christians, we disagree on a number of things but that doesn’t mean we hate or are judgemental of others. So, I’ll appreciate it so much if you don’t see Christians whose opinion differ from a certain group as judgemental hateful people anytime they share an opinion that someone else disagrees with. You know why? That’s because funny enough, whilst trying to condemn us, you are in essence being judgemental towards us…sometimes without even realizing it; the same thing you’re trying to avoid. See the circle?
      Finally, just one thing is true: “Let all men be liars and God alone be true” ~ Romans 3:3-6
      (Sorry this had to be a long reply. God bless 🙏)

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      • McApple,
        I believe in Christianity and my comment never claimed all Christians hate LGBTQ+ individuals. In fact, I never said Christians hate LGBTQ+ individuals at all. Please refer to the comment again. As such, I have not condemned anyone. Again, please reread the comment as it is written.

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      • Oh sorry GiftdKnowledge. My apologies.
        You sure didn’t mention Christians in specific terms. You rather put it as “righteous holier than thou people”…and people who “if were really following God/Jesus Christ”
        Sorry I interpreted that to mean Christians because that’s how some people refer Christians…but now I know they are not in your case. 😊
        My comment was also generic anyways. Your comment created a certain posture that I needed to clarify my stance on too…in very general terms. Nothing personal.
        Cheers and God bless 🙏


    • Hi dear,

      I asked you a series of questions in response to your comment which I believe was based on an assumption of hatred. That was what I challenged, and I’ve read your comment severally, and my questions still stand. Reverting to a private discussion by email will not edify anyone, because you just started a public fire, and you need to put it out. If you want to resolve this, rather than telling us to keep reading your comment again (since it is obvious we (me and McApple) got the same impression from it), maybe you can help us by clarifying what you mean and restating what you meant to communicate.

      Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • My comment reads, “But I don’t believe God hates LGBTQ+ people, holier than thou Christians who are righteous in their own eyes do.” Correct me if I’m wrong but as you put it, “the public fire” started because of this sentence. If you are not holier than thou or righteous in your own eyes, then this comment does not apply to you. What’s more, this comment implies that such people believe God hates LGBTQ+ people and their life style, which is evident by they way LGBTQ+ people are treated by these particular individuals. I was under the assumption of WP being a place to share opinions and insights. I don’t understand the attack mode or public fire for that matter. Again, if you would like additional answers to your questions, an email is appropriate.


      • Regardless of whether or not you meant to include me in your category of holier than thou people, who you suppose are the only ones legit to take offense by what you wrote, please can you address the questions I raised in my response. I still don’t know why you would bring ‘hate’ into this?


      • For the purposes of privacy, I cannot answer your questions in the comment section but I have no problem discussing the matter with in a private email conversation. I apologize for offending you, that was not my intention. May I ask why you are offended by that remark if you do not see your self as holier than thou?


      • I took offense at your response because it is a classic response I read whenever the issue of the LGBTQ community or lifestyle comes up. More classic is the accusation of hatred for expressing a belief other than “people are free to love and sleep with whomever they like”, which I certainly do not agree with. Basically, you think that the fact that I call a sin a sin makes me and others who think like me “holier than thou”, and also a hater of those who sin. Well, God hated sin so much that He died for me! He didn’t die for me because He thought my sin was okay or not even a sin! He recognised, identified sin in order to decide that I needed to be free from it. Telling people that their sinful lifestyle choices is not sin is NOT LOVING.

        I don’t see a need to have a private discussion about this. If you can’t deal with it openly, that’s fine. This post was not about you.

        Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • I don’t think the fact the you point out what you believe to be sin makes you holier than thou. You’ve interpreted my comment that way based on your past experiences in dealing with this issue. If you think LGBTQ+ lifestyles are sinful in nature, those are your thoughts. I think you’ve interpreted parts of my comment as saying something I did not say because of your experiences. You believing homosexual lifestyle is a sin, is different from treating the LGBTQ+ community as if god hates them, unless you treat them in that way. You can belive something is sin and still treat humans you’ve attached to your idea of sin, as a human being who deserves respect. Expressing LGBTQ+ community members are all GOING to hell because of their lifestyle and/or denying them basic human rights is an example of the treatment I’ve referred to. That’s not to say you treat them in this way because I have no idea how you treat anyone. My initial comment was based on my own opinions and insights, it was not to accuse you of hating lifestyles different from yours and your beliefs, which is why I could not understand the tone of your comment but now I do.

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      • Thanks for the clarification. I accept that my response was based on how conversations of this nature normally go. I felt a need to address it, because I think that when people start talking about Christians (whether holier than thou or not) hating LGBTQ community, it puts a FULL STOP on further dialogue. I hoped we could have had a dialogue on the issue without that coming up. I felt it was a distraction, and now appreciate that it wasn’t your intention.

        Thanks for taking the time to resolve that! Cheers!

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      • I was blessed by this conversation and I’m glad it ensued because it was just another test for me to expand my communication skills by working through difficult topics without getting angry. Communication in tough situations is apart if my chosen career and will be needed throughout my life in general. So thank you for blessing me to see how I’ve grown and identify areas for continuous improvement. There is a blessing in every situation. God Bless!

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