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Enjoying The Grace Of God – Part Six

Are you restless yet?  Don’t be.  Living dependent on God’s grace can be trying for one’s humanity and patience!  We like to do!  We like to prove.  We like to organise and manipulate.

We hate to wait.  We are hard of hearing.  We are impatient to see results.  We want an instant transformation.

Dear Child of God, it will take time!  Even God’s miracles and wonders have a process.  Now, when our humanity comes into play, we have to apply extra grace and patience.  Wonder why God calls Himself a long-suffering God?  He’s like, “you guys don’t trust!”

We have to learn to wait on God, trust in God and then obey God.  And we won’t get it right from the get go.  There will be a few more stumbles along the way.  There will still be a few more embarrassing mess ups.

We are like children!  We are His children.  Spiritual babes.  We are gods in training…  We have the gifts and potential, but don’t really know how or what to do with them.  To be perfected, we must yield to His counsel and training, and resist our Flesh that likes to run ahead and do what feels good…

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