Confessions Of An Ex-'Jesus Christian'

Confessions of an ex-‘Jesus Christian’ (6)

6. And these signs shall follow those that believe… (Mark 16:17)

This post follows on from my post yesterday, which addressed what seemed to be a lack of faith among the Jesus Christians.  I don’t think it applies to them only.  I see this same unbelief in the general body of Believers, whatever their denomination.

People don’t believe in an all powerful God anymore, who still works signs and wonders among His children.  Those who exercise such faith, and carry out miraculous healings are more often doubted than believed.  However, no matter the multitude of counterfeits, we cannot deny the existence of the genuine, and must strive always to be among those who are genuine, and who show forth the power of God.

The Jesus Christians claimed to believe Jesus’ teaching here, but they didn’t depend on His supernatural empowerment.  A few of them studied medicine, so they could literally heal the sick, which they did in India and other places they lived in.  What they did was commendable, but again, one could tell that they didn’t truly believe that if they simply laid hands on the sick (as it is recorded that Jesus, Peter and Paul did) or prayed in faith…


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