My First Book Reading And Second TV Interview

Yeah!!!  I am happy to announce the event of my first Book Reading for my first novel, The Church Girl!!!  It’s happening today, from 5pm, at:

The Hideout Lounge, Plot 2, Gaby Ademasaun, Off Road 10, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

I really hope as many of you who love The Church Girl, who have read it as a series or book, will be there to support me on this occasion.  You will be able to read your favourite parts of the story, and watch drama presentations based on the story.  There will also be live performances from three fantastic musicians, Ukenn, Peter Jacobs and Melody, from MTN Project Fame.

In addition, I am doing a book giveaway, and will be giving out two printed copies and an ebook to those who answer correctly, the questions I posted on my Instagram and Facebook pages yesterday.  There are six easy quiz questions, and a seventh question, which is “Why do you want to get The Church Girl?“!  The winners will be announced at the Book Reading and given their prizes.  I will also be signing autographs and taking pictures with as many of my friends that come and are interested in getting their books signed!

Don’t miss it at all!  The Official Launch is still coming, and this will be a private event.  I’m drawing up my Guest List from my amazing supporters and fans!

In other news…  On Wednesday, I was invited on the Hello Nigeria show on Wazobia Max, to talk about my book, The Church Girl!  It was an awesome interview, which I enjoyed very much.  I especially loved hanging with the Wazobia crew, who are so real and down to Earth.  They are even helping me to ensure that one of my books gets into the hands of my favourite Actress, Julia Roberts, whose brother Eric, was at the show last week!

They posted the portion of the show that was my Interview on YouTube, so that if you missed the show, you can watch it here.

I’m so happy with how things are picking up, and I can see God moving this alongside me.  I am so encouraged.  This Interview may not have happened, if my friend, Bodam Taiwo hadn’t been so passionate about the book, and decided to share it with her friends, and Ayo Thompson, in particular.  Ayo was one of the presenters who interviewed me!  She absolutely loved the book, and decided to buy one to giveaway on her Instagram page too.  She kindly gave me a good review too.  Check it out here:

I hope you are encouraged and motivated to get your own copy of The Church Girl.  It is still available as an eBook, for those who are too far away to order the print for now.  Please read and be blessed, and kindly share your review with me.  Thank you so much!  Here’s the info you need:

My Website:




Amazon UK

Amazon US


Barnes And Noble

Also available on the Apple iBooks Store.


Are you blessed by this ministry?  Why not partner with me?



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  1. Hi Ufuomaee,
    Congratulations on the writing and promotion of your book(s). I really enjoyed this interview – the natural flow of conversation amongst you and your hosts was delightful to see; nothing awkward. Great job (all).

    Here’s to wishing you great success!… and, as one of the hosts correctly pointed out, your discipline makes it look easy.
    (liked the slight British accent as well).

    Liked by 1 person

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