Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: On The Representation Of LGBTQ People In The Media

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a new post for my site.  I’ve been busy promoting my new book and publishing others.  I am sorry if I have been scarce on your site…  It’s nothing personal.  Just got lots on and looking forward to when I can start reading and contributing more to our Blogging community.

Alright, so I have a post idea for today.  It came to me while watching a sitcom on the television with my husband this morning.  Well, I wasn’t really watching it.  Just having breakfast, while the TV was on, and NOT using my phone or anything, which I normally do.  In the sitcom, I saw that there was a ‘good’ representation of the LGBTQ community in the show.

What do I mean by ‘good’?  I mean good, as in proportionate to the reality on ground.  As in, they had presence.  In the past, they were NEVER represented in the media.  And it was only of recent that many shows began to have token members of the LGBTQ society in their movies or shows.  You know, like the token Black people, which is still the case in a lot of sitcoms…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/on-the-representation-of-lgbtq

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