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Editor’s Pick: Now you are saved, now you’re not!

The evangelist said to the sinner, “have you heard of Jesus?”

The sinner replied, “uh, yeah.  It rings a bell.  Who is that?”

“Jesus is the Saviour of the World! He died to save you from your sins!” the evangelist eagerly responded.  With that, he told the sinner his usual salvation spiel.

“Ummm…. okay. Do I have to do anything?” the sinner asked, looking at the evangelist suspiciously.

“No, not at all!!!” the evangelist answered. “Well, actually, you must repent and believe, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and that He died for your sins. Then you will be saved. Look, it says so right here in the Bible!”

“Oh, is that all?” the sinner pondered. “But wait, what do you mean by ‘repent’?”

“It means to change your mind about your sins…and to turn away from them.”

“What are sins again?” asked the sinner.

“They are things that we do that don’t please God, like when you disobey your parents or cheat on your taxes or tell a lie.” the evangelist answered.

“Ok. I confess that I have sinned, and I won’t do so anymore. I believe that Jesus died for me…

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  1. Sorry, but it is human nature to sin. I believe in God but I feel in this day and age simply stating ‘to repent… and I won’t sin anymore is a bit of a cop out. How many times do people ‘swear to god’ in their attempts at justice whilst the innocent are neglected? Or the innocent down trodden for believing that god will ascend from the almighty heavens and have divine concern on their plight so they allow themselves to be downtrodden for the sake of their beliefs… and how many preach sacrifice whilst standing on a marble alter with millions of dollars poured into their ministry that preaches to ‘save the world’ just a thought. Glad you have a bit of passion and justification behind your beliefs yet I simply cannot understand the face behind the mask of ‘christianity’ aside from a bit of positivity to someone so desperate and weak in their plight they’ll believe anything. Don’t get me wrong I believe there is something greater than us out there. Yet I have seen more ‘sin’ .. judgement and hate speech from Christians than I’ve seen on a street corner


    • Hi dear,

      I think my post completely went over your head. I don’t think you know what I am trying to communicate at all, but I appreciate what you have said all the same.

      I take it you are not Christian…? But you believe there might be a God?

      I’m not sure I completely get where you are coming from either, or what it is you are trying to say conclusively, so I don’t know how to respond to your comment. However, my post is definitely addressing the lack of love and the ridiculous divisions within the Church, which make people question whether or not Jesus was real. I am not condemning the person who left the Church, but actually trying to communicate things from their perspective to Christians who may be oblivious to how their teachings and practices may contradict Christ.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


      • I was raised by a Christian.. I definetly believe I just think it’s important to question everything. I know there is a God.. As for whomever he is always debatable. Appreciate your sincerity as I would have had the same answer once


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