Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Unbelievable

It is unbelievable that a Word can become Flesh.
It is unbelievable that through spoken Words,
The World and all that is in it were created.
It is unbelievable, until you believe…

It is unbelievable that God chose to become a Man.
It is unbelievable that though He’s King of all,
He chose to live and serve among the poor.
It is unbelievable, until you know Him…

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      • Muslims believe Muhammed flew on a winged horse for the same reason that Christians believe jesus walked on water.


      • That it’s written in a book that they accept by faith is completely accurate and the word of god.


      • KIA, it is clear me that you have a problem. Maybe it is an identity problem. You say you do not believe there is a God, but you are open to evidence that God exists…so how can you argue with me for IMPLYING that you do not know God!!! If you knew God, you would have to first admit that He or It exists! Me saying that the dilemma is only one for someone who doesn’t know God is not even limited to unbelievers! It doesn’t imply that you are an Atheist. If a Christian is not confident in their faith, and doesn’t have a relationship with God and only practices religion, then even they would consider your challenge as a dilemma. But if you know God, by that I mean have a relationship with God, then you can not have a problem with people who are claiming that He desires to be worshipped another way, when you know Him for yourself.

        Again, this is just you projecting your dishonesty unto me. That is what I see every time you want to make a campaign with me about my supposed dishonesty.

        You are dishonest. You are rude and arrogant. You are everything you accuse me of, and worse, but you feel good about yourself, because your moral code doesn’t demand that you adhere to certain moral standards…but you can always call me out on it, because mine does.

        It is indeed well. Take it easy, whatever you are.


      • My identity is not the issue. It’s your trying to label my identity according to your understanding. You don’t get to identify my identity. I do.


      • If you are trying to argue that you know God now, then I don’t think even your Atheist and Agnostic friends know who you are! You clearly misunderstood what I said, or twisted it in your mind so you could carry on your campaign, whatever it is! I didn’t label you as anything or imply that you are an Atheist by saying that only those who don’t know God would face a dilemma.

        You’re a confused man. Don’t project your confusion unto me.

        Again, take it easy.


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