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The Spotlight: A Review Of “Mrs Unmarried” By Chinelo Mgbeadichie

Hi everyone!  Good afternoon.  It’s another episode of The Spotlight, and today, I am reviewing a new book by Chinelo Mgbeadichie called “Mrs Unmarried”.

I met Chinelo through Instagram, when I discovered that she was not only one of my readers, but also a fan!  We met for the first time at Aimee’s Library “A Book In Hand Live” event, and she spoke a little about her book.  I was intrigued by the title and the description she gave, and determined to read and review it.

It was a while before I got to it, as I had other books in line to read, and got caught up in a couple of new releases.  But I am glad I finally got round to reading and reviewing it this year.  So, to the review.

Chinelo told an intruging and interesting story about criminal justice, marriage and domestic violence.  Though it was slow paced, you got a sense of the build up, as different pieces of the picture were painted.  She was quite skillful in adding suspense to the story, and even brought in a nice twist early on.  There is a lot of apprehension, some anticipation and anxiety too, as you keep reading, wondering how Ezinne, the abused wife of the deceased, can prove her innocence for a crime it seems she actually committed.

It was definitely an original story, with great lessons throughout.  I loved how Chinelo brought in Scriptures and biblical themes/references into the story, without it being preachy.  Her characters were realistic and loveable, and the story was unpredictable.  Really unpredictable.  For a while, I thought I knew who the culprit was, but this story highlighted the necessity for an efficient justice system and the fact that no matter how sure you are of something, be careful how you judge!

I enjoyed reading it, though it was 2/3rds of the way through that I couldn’t put down the book until it was completed.  It was a really good read, with lessons for married folks as well as singles.  With the way it ended, I’d be keen to see if there is a part two.  I think there was a lead that was overlooked in the courtroom, but maybe that was intentional of the Author or the defence lawyers :).

However, there were just too many typos.  That is my only critique.  The writing style and story line were brilliant, but the final product, which wasn’t well editted made the book average.  I’d encourage the author to have the book professionally editted, if that is a challenge for her.  I think I would do a good job of that 😉

Well, that’s my review!  If you are looking for a good, Christian, legal and romantic fictional story to engage your mind this holiday, “Mrs Unmarried” is for you.  It’s really a worthwhile read and I look forward to reading more from Chinelo Mgbeadichie!  Well done, Sis!

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