Today’s Woman Magazine Says “Rekindle Your Faith With The Church Girl”

Yesterday, I got my third major blog review on my first novel, The Church Girl.  It is really so inspiring and encouraging to read such a review on my book at the start of the New Year!  I am sure hopeful for more great things that will follow it.

Check out the full review on

Here’s a preview to this awesome review:

This is a story of ‘boy meets girl’.

The boy, Ifeanyi Chukwueke is your regular rich, handsome playboy who gets away with breaking the hearts of many and being a baddie.

The girl, Mary Uwana is a sheltered Christian girl who was forced to grow up way earlier than she should have. After losing her parents to the cold hands of death at age 16, she was confronted with the harsh reality of adult responsibilities and automatically became the breadwinner to her three younger brothers.

The loss of her parents not only forced her to step up to the plate, it also opened her eyes to the depth of wickedness that dwells in the heart of men, especially men of faith and the decadence that has eaten deep into the church.

Ifeanyi meets Mary and he knows almost immediately that she is what he has been searching for; she is however not interested and wastes no time in telling him off…”  Read more…

Read it all?  A great review, right?  Check out other awesome reviews on my promo page for the book, where you can also get links to buy from Amazon, Smashwords, Okadabooks and more ebook retailers and stores in Nigeria.  Visit

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