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The Spotlight: A Review Of “29, Single And Nigerian” By NaijaSingleGirl

Hey y’all!  How are you doing?  I hope your New Year is going awesomely 🙂  Here’s the first episode of The Spotlight in 2018!

I will be reviewing a book by NaijaSingleGirl called “29, Single And Nigerian“!  In case you do not know her, she is a popular lifestyle blogger, and this is her first book!  It is a huge hit among Nigerian readers with lots of reviews on Okadabooks, where it has 900+ downloads.

I don’t know this anonymous babe, but from her acknowledgements, she’s a Believer.  I haven’t read a single post on her blog,, so all I know about her writing and content is what I read in her book, which is fictional.  She describes herself as “a satirist, lifestyle blogger, brand storyteller and content creator based in Nigeria.  She is on a quest to find a good man, a good job, good food, good money and all other good things life has to offer“.

So, to my review.  I liked the book.  I was expecting it to be a bit raunchy, like some other romantic novels that are doing well on Okadabooks, where I got my copy, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that it was actually very toned down and down to earth.  It was written in ‘dairy’ style, from a first-person perspective, which was nice and easy to follow.

The story was actually told in two parts.  The first part was about her dutiful NYSC service, with some flashbacks to her childhood.  It was interesting, but not too exciting.  I thought it was a slow build up, but the story was compelling.

The second part of the story is about her first year after NYSC, when she’s looking for a job and a man in Lagos.  It was not as easy as she imagined it would be.  But she meets some interesting people along the way, and has the support of her amazing friend, Bibi, who lives alone with her father.  This is where the story got entertaining for me.

It was funny, light-hearted, real but imaginative, with a bit of romance.  I liked how the message of salvation was communicated through the story, and really appreciated that God didn’t just get a side or by-the-way mention.  I especially loved the ending.  It was truly inspiring to see that sometimes we are waiting for something else to happen for our lives to start or have meaning, without tapping into what we already have…even our bad experiences.  There was also a lesson for people who try to cheat others that, in this modern world, you have to be careful what you do, because anyone can easily publish the truth and expose you.

All in all, I enjoyed my read.  Though I wasn’t blown away, I was definitely surprised, because it wasn’t what I expected it to be.  My only critique would be that it took a while to hook me, because of the slow build up.

I applaud the author for a job well done!  I look forward to more from you 🙂

29, Single And Nigerian is available on Amazon and Okadabooks.

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