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Editor’s Pick: Time For A Little Honesty – Would You Rather Be White Or Black?

This post was inspired by an article I read yesterday by Keith Haney about the guilt that White people are made to feel about the privileges they enjoyed in the past, and probably still enjoy today.  I shared my comment under his post, but I got to thinking…  What is worse?  Feeling guilty for being privileged or being disadvantaged for the colour of your skin?

As much as we think we have progressed and racism is no longer a serious issue, I would like to suggest that it is.  Until we no longer identify ourselves as Black or White people, then I reckon racism will still be an issue.  Sure, as much as possible, we need to move past blaming people, who live in a time where racism is being addressed, for the crimes committed when racism was rife.  The problem is not White people, the problem is RACISM.  So please, this post is not about blaming my White brothers and sisters, but addressing the problem that is racism.

Racism has become a sort of truth, an institutional and structural problem that needs to be navigated, until it can be eliminated.  However, saying it isn’t there is simply lying…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/time-for-a-little-honesty-would-you-rather-be-white-or-black/

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