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The Least In The Kingdom Of Heaven

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled” (Matt 5:17-18).

This scripture is bound to come up when you are debating on practicing the tithe in the New Covenant.  It is usually cited by advocates of the tithe to say that Jesus didn’t come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it, and so the Law still stands.  Of course, when it comes to observing the Sabbath Day, 8th Day Circumcision and all the other commandments of the Old Covenant, this scripture will never be used to justify continuance in the Law.  The tithe must be very special.

My guess is that they are picky about tithing because it is a profitable doctrine to manipulate.  It’s good for business.  Notably, Church Business.  Incredibly, few of them progress to cite the following verses, but I wish they would, because if they did, they would realise their error.

Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.  For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 5:19-20).

Is Jesus telling us here that we should continue to practice the Law of Moses?  I really don’t think so.  At least NOT after His sacrificial death on the Cross, which redeemed us from the Law and the curse of the Law (Gal 3:10-13, 23-25).  We are even told that if we try to keep this Law, we are debtors to keep it all, and if we fail even in the smallest point, we will bear the curse (Gal 5:1-4, Jam 2:10-12)!  What Jesus said in verse 20 actually brings things into perspective – our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees.  And He showed us how by the verses that followed when He said – “you have heard it said, but I tell you…” (Matt 5:21-48).

The Mosaic Law is indeed legalistic, and if you are to practice it, you MUST practice it in its entirety, as written by Moses!  That was what Christ affirmed here.  The Law is very clear on how tithes should be collected and used, who should be given the tithes, how they should be consecrated to God and even WHEN these offerings and festivities should be done.  I broke it down in my study on the subject, which I would encourage you to read – Christianity: On Tithes And Giving.

The practice of the tithe in Christianity is inconsistent and even disagreeable to the practice of the tithe in the Law.  Yet, they use the Law to enforce the giving of these tithes.  They may not have stopped the practice of tithing, but by using the Law in error, they have CHANGED the Law and are teaching others to change the Law, and to give these consecrated offerings in error.  If you want to practice tithing, and use the Law to support your doctrine, then you better make sure that you are practising tithing according to the Law of Moses!

That means that you cannot give your tithes to a GENTILE.  It doesn’t matter if he calls himself a Man of God, your Pastor, a Priest or whatever!  There have been many priests in the history of the world, but according to the Law of Moses, tithes that are given to God, must be given to the Levites only.  It is for this reason that the Jews do not tithe today, because their genealogical records were lost with the destruction of their Temple.

That is just the beginning of your error if you tithe.  The manner in which tithes are given, their purpose and use have also been changed.  Even the amount of tithes collected.  For example, tithes were of livestock and produce, and when they needed to be converted to cash, they were redeemed by adding 20%!  That means that, if you are giving tithes by the Mosaic Law, and giving in cash, you ought to give 30%, and not the tenth part of your income!

I believe that it was because of this legalism that proponents of the tithe took the initiative to carve up their own doctrine on the matter, drawing on Abraham’s one time free will offering to Melchizedec found in Genesis 14: 18-24.  The new doctrine goes that tithing is a spiritual principle, and Abraham gave tithes to a Higher Priesthood, which these Pastors (deceivers) represent!  But this doctrine alone is not enough to compel people to tithe more than once in their lives.  So they rely on using both this theory and the Law of Moses to build an entirely different doctrine of tithing, to enslave God’s people into giving tithes, not even every year, but every month!

Some are ashamed to do this, but when they get desperate, they pull out the big guns and cite Malachi 3: 8-12, accusing the Believers of robbing God by not paying tithes.  They tactfully ignore the reference made to “offerings” in verse 8, which is talking about all the offerings God gave Moses to instruct the Israelites to give, including the sin offering by the way!  The reference to offering is changed to “free will offerings”, so that they don’t need to harp on that one.  But they will jump on that reference to tithing any day!  It doesn’t matter even if it is WITHIN the book of the Old Testament.  They are that desperate!

And then they get legalistic about “storehouse”, developing their false doctrine even deeper, by saying that God didn’t say “storehouses”…so you must bring your tithe to just ONE Church building – OMG!  God said storehouse because He was referring to THE TEMPLE!!!  This is another big change in the practice of tithing.

Can you see this hypocritical wickedness?  They want to be legalistic about the reference to “storehouse”, while disregarding the reference to “offerings”.  They want to use the old covenant Law of Moses (which Malachi refers to, not any “Abrahamic tithe”) to enforce the giving of this “Abrahamic” tithe, which was actually a ONE TIME FREE WILL OFFERING OF THE SPOILS OF WAR!  Abraham didn’t even give of his income!  EVER!

It is so unbiblical, so fabricated, but still such a clever deception, because it has kept the Church bound for centuries.  So Believers of this doctrine will cite Matthew 23:23 to say that Jesus approved the tithes and even commanded us to pay tithes in the New Covenant!  But Jesus was talking about the Law of Moses, by which the Israelites paid tithes ONLY to Levites and not “Men of God” – according to their Law!  So, how can they even use this verse to justify the abomination that they practice, which is different from what Jesus was making reference to?

These fools who have connived this doctrine and perpetrated it will be brought to account!  You just make sure that you are not counted in their number.  Repent, I beg you!  Stop teaching lies in the name of Jesus!

I have said it before and I will say it again, any man of God knows that THE CHILDREN OF THE KING ARE FREE (Matt 17:24-27)!  Rebuke that liar who tries to tell you otherwise…yes, even and especially that man that calls himself the “Pope”!

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