Dear Ghost Reader…

WHY???  As in…why???  Again, I must ask…WHY?!

I know, I know…  There’s a whole lot of content out there, and it’s not everything you read that you like or that is worthy of your comment.  And sometimes, you think you will come back and drop a really good comment, or maybe you do share a comment when you share the post with your friends privately.  But, every now and then, you really should say “Hello” to that blogger, whose posts you keep reading and liking and/or sharing.  Just say, “Good post!” or “Thanks for sharing!” or “I really love your content, keep it up!”

You really don’t have to have an opinion about everything.  You don’t have to argue or debate.  You don’t have to agree…  And if you do disagree, don’t be afraid to say your mind and move along.

Or is it that you really don’t want them to know that you read their blog?  Or that you like their content?  Do you think they will start bugging you for feedback if they knew you are one of their avid readers?  Or are you one of those hater spies…  Those “friends” who are just in the background, watching and waiting for your blogger friend to fail or give up or simply looking for gossip to spread?  As in, if you have a friend who is a blogger, why will you NEVER comment on their posts, even just to encourage them?

You know, I have quite a lot of friends who read my blog posts as ghost readers.  Once in a while, one of them will make the mistake of telling me, “Oh, I read that on your blog…” or “I’m following your blog…” or “I read all your posts”, thinking that they are making me happy.  Guess what?  My first thought isn’t “Hurray!!!  Thank God, you are reading!  And thanks for telling me :)!”  Noooo…  My first thought is “What the HELL???!  So, why do you never say anything???  Isn’t that wickedness?!”

Usually, the person who has made that classic mistake returns a blank stare and a shrug, I guess, because they think I am over-reacting…  And maybe I am.  But, what the hell?!

I don’t get it!  I really don’t get it.  I am someone who tries to do unto others as I would have them do to me.  When I was very active as a Blogger (and even now), I was always keen to follow other bloggers, read and comment on their posts too.  Not all of them, but once in a while, I would, on posts I liked, agreed with, disagreed with etc.  I would even share on Facebook and Twitter, and reblog on my blog from time to time.

Why?  Because that’s what you do when you read a good post!  You share it.  You like it.  You drop an encouraging comment.  And as a blogger, that’s what I expect from my readers who appreciate my content.  Not all the time, just every now and then.

And as an author, I’ve continued to seek to do to others as I’d have them do to me.  I know how very HARD it is be an author, especially a self-published one at that.  And so, I have begun to review books I read on my blog.  Not every book, but the ones I really like or appreciate or believe will be relevant to my readers.  I also use my social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to promote other author’s works.  And I would expect that when they are opportune, they will return the favour.

It hasn’t always worked out that way…  But I still continue to do me, and strive to do the right thing.  You might say it is easy for me to write comments and reviews because “Hey, you’re a writer…”, but I don’t think that’s really the case.  No one is asking for you to write an essay every time you read a blogpost or a novel!  Just say something, if it was good!

A short phrase like “Loved it!” as a review for a BOOK is enough to make a significant difference to the author’s mood, sales and career.  Someone else who doesn’t know if the book is worth it will read your endorsement and are more likely to get the book too…and also drop their review.  And on a blogpost, something as simple as a thumps up, if you are really having a hard time with words, will do the trick and cause the author to smile, knowing that people are not only reading but appreciating their work.

So, all you Ghost Readers, I’ve said it before…  GOD IS WATCHING YOU!  Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.  Repent of this habit of reading and moving along without saying something.  Every once in a while, if every time seems too much, just encourage that writer with a comment ON THEIR BLOG!

Don’t just comment to them in secret that you read their blogpost and thought it was awesome…  They shared it publicly on their site, and are hoping your public comment will encourage others to drop theirs and there can be a whole conversation going on the topic.  It might even inspire more posts…

And if you’re a friend of mine, and have been reading my posts in secret, and haven’t ever commented on my blog, please don’t think you’re making my day by telling me on one random day like this when we happen to meet that you’ve been reading my blog.  I’d really rather you take your secret to your grave!  But if you want to repent, drop a comment on my blogpost (it doesn’t have to be this one).  You will be automatically forgiven!  Just like that 🙂

Anyway…  I’m sure someone somewhere will find reason to be offended by this post.  By my arrogance or unrealistic expectations.  Kindly enlighten me, dear Ghost Reader, why do you read, enjoy and keep quiet?  If it’s such a huge secret, you can drop me an email at me@ufuomaee.com.  I promise not to bite your head off.

Sincerely, Ufuoma.

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  1. Yes!! I needed to read this because I tend to be a ghost reader! 😳 I’ve just started to blog (I haven’t even technically gone “live”… I’m not sure what’s holding me back) and your post was PERFECT for where I’m at, you know, in my head.

    So… as you have me thinking about my habit of ghost reading, I am wondering if it is connected to introversion….

    Anyway, thanks for writing what I needed to read! Oh, and also, I loved how you wrote this:

    “Anyway… I’m sure someone somewhere will find reason to be offended by this post. By my arrogance or unrealistic expectations. Kindly enlighten me, dear Ghost Reader, why do you read, enjoy and keep quiet? If it’s such a huge secret, you can drop me an email…”

    😂. Well said! And, FYI, you SO DID NOT come across arrogant or unrealistic!

    Thanks again!

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