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Editor’s Pick: Being Christian in a Divided Church

The reality of the Christian Church today is that we are divided.  The issues that we are divided on are so vast, and the fear we have for deception is so strong, that we do not know what to lay down as an opinion and what to uphold as the truth!  There seems no hope for unity, and attempts at unity are looked upon with suspicion, as a tactic of the enemy to compromise the Faith.

The Church that Christ built is meant to be under one leadership, such that He gave instructions for what to do when there is a grievous disagreement within the Body (Matt 18:15-17).  However, the practice of excommunication from fellowship looses its meaning, when there is no one visible BODY!  Those who are kicked out from one fellowship, soon find acceptance elsewhere.  And those who don’t find acceptance anywhere declare the apostasy of the Church, while still holding claim to true Christianity.  Is the Church that Christ built still in existence, or have we once again all gone our own way?

Jesus taught us that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mark 3:25).  He said that the world will know God sent Him, because of our unity (John 17:21), and…

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