Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: When Believers Disagree

When two people who love each other, decide to live together…they don’t usually think about the times they will quarrel. Or the times they will want to be apart. Or even the times, they will consider hurting one another! They know it might get tough at times, but they never really think about the many ways their love will be tested!

Now, imagine three people, who love each other and make a commitment to build each other up. They will most likely fight, more often than the couple first considered, if they live in close proximity. There will be a greater likelihood for disagreement, miscommunication, hurt feelings and so on. But if they really love each other, and if they are mature, then will be able to resolve all their differences, and have respect for those issues that they agree to differ on.

Now, multiply the three people by a hundred! The opportunities for grievances, arguments and misunderstandings are magnified! There might even arise small inner groups and divisions, among those who have greater unity, and those who do not share their understanding. There might be unspoken authority or even a defined leadership, to ensure that peace is maintained…

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