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Editor’s Pick: The Classic Conversion Mistake

It has always amazed me how people can switch religious beliefs so easily, and accept everything taught to them on the other side as absolute truth, when they once believed they were absolute lies!!!  Why are we so fickle?  Why is it that we are so desperate to belong that we have to buy everything we are told, and drop our true convictions and our ability to reason?

I see it with all faiths, but I’m especially dumbfounded when I see it with Atheists, who insist upon evidence before they can proclaim anything to be true!  Funny how there is absolutely NO evidence for the theory of evolution (hence it is still called a theory), but everyone who moves to the other side of faith in God adopts this theory as golden and goes to great lengths to defend and promote it.

As Christians, we do the same thing.  I know why there’s a need to define statutes.  Not least so that we can know those who believe exactly what we believe, and label those who don’t accept everything we believe as heretics to be avoided.  We’ve been warned of the many false prophets and teachers teaching false doctrines, so…

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  1. Theories are not an inferior kind of knowledge. They are proven by evidence in the form of objects, observations and experiments.
    To dismiss evolution as ‘only a theory’ reveals a profound misunderstanding of the scientific method.


      • I am not playing a game. You are here trying to promote a theory as the ultimate truth…talking about how it has been proven with evidences. If it has been proven, it is no longer theory but fact! And if so, it would no longer be legitimately called the THEORY OF EVOLUTION. It is so called because it is scientifically and practically impossible to prove, and thus it will remain a theory forever. You are the one fighting to protect the image of your god.


      • You ought to study the very thing you are criticising, currently you certainly don’t understand the scientific method.
        And, I don’t have a god to protect or fight for.


      • Oh, you most certainly do! Are you a scientist? I doubt it. I doubt that you have ever examined any of the evidences that causes you to be so passionate about Evolutionary theory and to defend it so. You defend it because you have to. You accuse me of having an irrational dogmatic mind, but you have the same. Except this time, your irrational belief is on a theory being true without need of evidence. Evolution explains life for you without God, and so it must be true!

        In case you didn’t know, Evolution is a dogma. The dogma of Atheism.



      • Now you are being blatantly dishonest. I have not accused you of “having an irrational dogmatic mind”.
        You know moving of my educational or work history.
        I do accuse you of using the straw-man fallacy.


      • Blatantly dishonest in stating what you believe about people like me? I know nothing of what you do, but I know that Scientists are far less common than Atheists, and Atheists put all their trust and faith on the few scientists who support their Evolutionary theory. You have chosen your dogma, and I have mine.

        Evolutionary-based science is a religion built on one man’s guess work.


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