Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: A Call to Unplug Our Ears

Once in a while, something the opposition says is true, and must be carefully considered…  However in a state of war, we may prefer to deny the truth in what they say so that we can point out how they missed the mark overall.  But, I don’t think people of truth should behave that way.  We owe it to the truth to accept it, however it is thrown at us!  It also lets our opponents know they are dealing with credible, sincere people…and hopefully, it might disarm them against resisting the truth in what you are saying as well.

Declaring that one agrees with an Atheist may be considered betrayal or even spiritual suicide (seeing as you gave concession to the voice of doubt), but here goes anyway!  This lady responded to a post I made on another blog:

“Obviously from Paul’s point of view being wrong would mean, as you said, that god is real and there is no savior. No forgiveness for sins.

For my own personal interest: what if there is no god? In that “wrong” scenario, I suppose remaining in our sins would lose all meaning. And perishing would only matter to those who believe because…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/a-call-to-unplug-our-ears/

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